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Insulated Double Glazed Units are known as 1 of the most successful and cost effective solutions for dealing with Australia’s heating and cooling requirements.

Insuluated Double Glazed units (also known as insulated glazing units, or IGU’s) consist of two layers of glass separated by an air or argon filled gap. CWSA work closely with several suppliers that locally manufacture IGU’s in W.A. using a range of Viridian, Guardian and St Gobain glass types.

The extra layer of glass and air space in an IGU work together to create an barrier that decreases air-to-air temperature transfer, while reducing direct and radiant temperature transfer from outside or inside the building.

Performance data on some of the typical glass types can be find on Cooling Brothers website or via Downloads page.

Local Limitations
  • Minimum IGU size: 350mm x 350mm

  • Maximum IGU size: 2500mm x 4700mm

  • Spacer thicknesses varying from 6 to 20mm

  • Aluminium Spacer, available in black or silver colours

  • Option between Polysulphide or Structural Silicone as the Secondary Sealant


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